Monday, October 8, 2007

And now a little about me

I am a recent graduate at UMaine in Farmington. I am majored in Rehabilitation, with a minor in Psychology.

Not exactly sure what I am looking for in a guy right now (because everyone has different things that you like about them)... but at the very least, I want a guy between the ages of 20 and 35 that likes me for who I am, has a good sense of humor, a cute smile, and perhaps nice eyes. A friendly personality is a definate plus. I like some sports... especially pro football and baseball, so if he likes to watch football... that's a plus (and if he likes The Sox, hates the Yankees, and likes the Pats... he gets double bonus points!).

It is imperitive that you don't have any pets other than reptiles or fish... I am allergic to practically EVERYTHING that has hair (excluding humans), fur, or feathers. I am even allergic to those pets that are supposedly okay for those people allergic to all other pets.

Sharing some of my outdoor interests would be good too, but aren't a deciding factor, I'm adaptable. (rollerblading, hiking, taking walks, etc.). I've been known to try new things and actually enjoy them (I haven't always liked rollerblading... though I am still not very good at it).

Well, that's all I can think of right now, so, if you are interested in meeting a milf, feel free to send me a message,but no milf seekers please or send me a smile if you don't have any credits, and I will send you a message. I've taken to sending out smiles first before I send a message (because I'm sick of spending credits on people that just don't answer... even with a "sorry, not interested" which I think is just rude). So, if you get a smile from me, and don't want to spend credits to get in touch, just send me a smile back and I'll fire a message over to you!! Hope to hear from you soon.

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